Amazing Benefits Of Hypnosis Age Regression Therapy

Hypnosis age regression therapy is a method that hypnotherapists use to help patients revisit times in their past that were emotionally traumatizing in some way. Often, the memories have been suppressed which makes the conscious mind unable to recall them. It is only under hypnosis that patients can gain access to their subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind usually has a full recollection of all the happenings in a person’s life. Therefore, asking the subconscious mind a series of questions relating to the individual’s condition it can identify any long forgotten past events. This pattern makes it possible for the patient working with the hypnotherapist to start eliminating the feelings of helplessness and negativity they experience as adults.

Age regression with hypnotherapy is performed by a qualified practitioner and can offer several benefits to patients suffering from chronic complaints including:

  • Sexual problems emanating from childhood abuse
  • Passivity due to low self-confidence
  • Depression that results in physical inactivity
  • Obsessive fears while in particular situations or places

The hypnotherapist uses age regression techniques to help patients remember forgotten or subconscious memories that have resulted in physical, emotional, or mental difficulties. Age regression with hypnotherapy has been used for many years to treat patients to increase motivation and alter poor behavior. If this treatment sound interesting, then check out the Past Life Regression QHHT quantum healing website for more information.


Here Are the Top 3 Benefits of Hypnosis Age Regression Therapy

1. Change Thinking Patterns

A huge percentage of patients have repressed memories from their adolescence or childhood that have altered their thinking patterns, leading to constant unhappiness. Besides repressing past events, some people might ignore unpleasant situations by getting involved in behaviors such as substance abuse with alcohol or illegal drugs.

Females that tend to become withdrawn and passive from abusive treatment in the past as opposed to aggressive are the ones that benefit from age regression therapy the most. Depressed patients seeking age regression hypnotherapy are likely to spend most of their time at home sleeping for hours on end to avoid thoughts about their past.

2. Unlocking Unpleasant Memories

Patients usually require several regression hypnotherapy sessions to experience the greatest improvement. While under hypnosis, the patient reverts to a past time when something unpleasant happened that changed his or her perception of self. The patient under hypnosis may act, talk, and think in a manner indicative of a particular age.

The therapist can communicate with the patient and ask probing questions that help unlock the subconscious memories that lead to serious problems such as:

– Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result of reliving unpleasant events of the past

– Personality disorder as a result of long-term emotional, sexual, or physical abuse

– Hearing voices as a result of persistent negative comments

– Visual hallucinations due to previous trauma

3. Remembering Past Events

Hypnotic age regression therapy involves three distinct levels of treatment. As the patient goes through the different levels, the therapist can stop him or her at a particular level for the purpose of exploring memories trapped inside the mind. During the frozen stages, the patient will feel as though the traumatic event is occurring in present time.

The first level is known as the hypnoidal state where the patient is still aware of his or her surroundings when entering a meditative state that increases attention and relaxation. In this stage, patients can recall trauma without understanding complete details.

The second level is known as the pseudo level and helps the patient center more on the memories and mind as they progress to a childlike state. The patient becomes aware of his or her body and can also smell odors and hear noises.

The third and final level is known as somnambulism, and it is the deepest level of treatment in hypnotic age regression therapy. It provides the highest level of access to memories and allows patients to feel uncomfortable emotions, which leads to healing of the mind.

The Bottom Line

Hypnosis age regression therapy is an exceptional treatment option for helping patients overcome childhood feelings of negativity and helplessness. It is a treatment that can help patients eliminate behaviors learned long ago that may be holding them back from reaching their full potential and achieving their goals.

If you are interested in hypnotic age regression therapy, you need to find a suitable facility with qualified, professional, and experienced practitioners to help restore your emotional well-being.